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The Soul of Liberty

In our present American epoch, the bad news is: there is an inevitable outflow — the shedding of blood — which bleeds out when rebellion escalates to ever higher levels of violence and death.

The good news is: where there’s shedding of blood, Soul is not far beneath. We forgive and persevere, and our Soul will be rejuvenated; our American body politic will recover. We will rally and strengthen those appropriate things that remain.

Our collective Soul of American Liberty is this: the principle that we can live, work and thrive together without tearing each other apart, and that our Rule of Law, when put to proper use, will give us the wherewithal to resolve and to work out our differences.

Here’s the deal. As long as life-blood flows through our inherited arteries of Law, Democracy and Governance, our collective American Soul can thrive and survive. When, however, those arteries are traumatically severed by acts of aggression, violence and rebellion, we bleed.

If we bleed out, we die. If we arrest the bleeding, we recover and move forward to live and prosper as a Nation and as individual Citizens.

Today, election day 2020, let us collectively resolve to recover. . . to revive and replenish our blood as it circulates nutrients of Liberty and Justice through the body politic.

Vote and be glad!

And so. . . we shall recover, and we shall overcome. We then repair and resume our 246 years of blood-borne Liberty and Justice for All.


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