WTH is a Docker Container?

Since its release in March 2013, the hype around Docker has continued to explode in IT circles, and businesses want to become part of the revolution by adopting this container technology. A survey by…


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How to build a WordPress Website for Beginners in 2020

Are you looking to create a WordPress site without any hassle? There are a lot of hurdles that a beginner faces while creating their first website. It is an essential technique that everyone ranging from a digital geek to a small business owner should learn.

In this article I am going to show you just how easy it is and when that question of “How To Build a Website For Beginners In 2020” comes up, you will not only know the answer, but have the competency and ability to build a secure and customer converting website.

I want to make it clear at the beginning that this article will ensure a great looking and customer converting website. However, I will also tell you what I recommend you spend money on, to not only ensure you save loads of time, but make sure you see returns. The most time consuming factor of doing a WordPress site is getting all your assets and designs together. Have a look at the Envato market for a one stop shop for all you need from an asset point of view.

Lets begin!

You have landed on your Wordpress website. I am going to explain the order of events (if I can call it that), that need to follow so you also save time in building your website.

Image representation proceeds this section

I am going to use the “Windows and Doors Services” template for this guide. Select Business and Free from the above drop down and you shouldn’t look far to see it. If you can’t find it, search for it.

I am only going to go over the main sections that you should know and how you can edit them. Let’s start at the top. You will also notice three device images just as in the image below that you can select to see how your site looks on desktop, tablet as well as mobile.

This is the section I feel is the most important to save you the most time. Global styles apply to your entire website, so that you dont have to change colors, fonts etc every single time.

Believe me this is the section that always brings up the most questions so I will do my utmost to explain it in detail.

The above two sections are the most important, but a mention to the Footer element. This is where one generally displays your copyright blurb and/or navigation links. You also have the option here of defining a footer layout.

PRO TIP : Install the WPFront Scroll Top Wordpress Plugin which will enable an arrow at the bottom of your pages and posts so that when a user clicks it, they get redirected to the top of the page. I am using that on this page. Click it to see it in action

Scroll down to the “Homepage settings” option and select that your homepage displays as a static page. You can also select your main blog page below that.

Click the “Edit with Elementor link”. Another left hand side panel will appear with an array of functionality. As we have edited the necessities in the previous section, the purpose of this section will be to show you how to edit and change the content and layout as well as how to add and remove pages and/or block elements.

Remember to always select the element you want to edit before editing it. One can hover over a section and three links will appear on the top of the section, which allows one to edit, delete or add a section.

PRO Tip : Always make sure to check your changes across mobile, tablet and desktop. As 75% of website visitors are on mobile, be sure to make it look great. Mobile tip: Elements such as text need to be center aligned where possible and the font needs to be made smaller. One would generally show more images on desktop than on mobile, so use the responsive tab in the advanced tab as explained above to conditionally show images.

Simply select the element you want to make use of and drag it into the section or element. It is as simple as that.

In the above image, the + symbol allows you to add a new section. Always add sections that contain elements as this gives you the freedom to control your layout more effectively.

The blue Astra button is incredible. As seen in the below image one can add a whole page or a block. Filiter by Free in the top right and add what page or block you need. In our example we don’t need to add a page, but we could add a block. Select “Blocks” and on the top right you can choose if you want a dark or light block as well as select from the dropdown what element you want. Is’nt that cool ? It’s as simple as clicking the element you want and selecting “import block”.

How amazing and easy is the Elementor builder? What I enjoy about Elementor is the flexibility you have. You no longer have to access the Wordpress backend, change one style, save and publish then go the front end to see your changes. Elementor is a front end page builder so you can see your changes in real time.

Elementor PRO is the upgrade from the FREE version you have above. It’s is very powerful and is exactly what an expanding business needs. It allows one to customize literally ones entire website such as at the Nav menu and widgets. The Woocommerce widgets allow you to seamlessly integrate cart, checkout etc functionality with a click of a few buttons.

Facebook share buttons and incredible effects are a few of the features you will receive in the PRO version. What if I told you it only cost $49 a year for one website? Its a crazy deal.

In the above guide I have demonstrated how to create the fundamentals a good looking website as well as how to edit the content on it with no charge at all. In the future I will be adding a YouTube video tutorial on the above. I will also be adding all the bells and whistles for the website in the coming weeks, such as linking your site to Google, adding a live chat and so much more! How to Build a Wordpress Website for Beginners in 2020, I feel is mostly covered.

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