We have to kill fossil fuels before they kill us

Fossil fuels have put us in a dilemma: how to stop using a dirty, obsolete technology riddled with side effects, but behind which are some of the biggest economic empires on the planet. Last week…


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Four Quotes From The Girl With All The Gifts That Chilled Me To the Bone

Not in a horror-fiction way, but in a too-close-to-reality way

Book Title: The Girl with All The Gifts
Author: M. R. Carey

Have you ever had a “blind date” with a book? It was popular a while back with book shops, where books would be packaged in brown paper and twine with a simple genre description. The idea would be that shoppers and readers would pick a book up, not knowing exactly what they were getting into, like a blind date.

I did the same with this book.

It turned out to be an eerie but heart-wrenching post-apocalyptic book that made me question the world. Far too many of the scenes were too similar to what happened in the past year since the pandemic started, even for a completely different context.

This book’s genre might have been “horror”, but the quotes that chilled me to the bone were not of gore.

It was about the real, nuanced bits of life.

This book had heartwarming quotes like this one, of a child describing love for the first time. It describes the connection we all miss so much and have been trying to pave over during this time of pandemic restriction.

It creates an attachment between the reader and this child character, Melanie, so if new information, new facts come into play that makes you question the world, it’s a hard pill to swallow.

It’s not unlike people I thought I loved and trusted but the pandemic unlocked their dark, scary and conspiracy theory-ridden side. So scary that perhaps I no longer wanted to feel connected with them but I’d already felt connected to…

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