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Last Cut Of The Day

The bisexual adventures of Clammy Hands

I tried to stretch out my lower back without Isadora noticing. She was the last one, the last cut of a long day. I’d already been on my feet for 9 hours; I cursed the holidays & the need for my boss to keep the shop open longer. Isadora normally came much earlier in the day, her thick, carmel-coloured highlighted hair taking me a good hour & a half to cut & style. But here she was, 10:30 at night.

I wanted to smack whichever idiot had done that, but now we’d started, tired as I was, I just had to finish. I had the next day off, anyway.

Isadora isn’t the most “conventionally” gorgeous of my clients, but I love her. She’s got the dusky, exotic skin of the Portuguese/Brazilian descent. But what I love best is the way she won’t take shit from anyone, & she just exudes confidence. She’s hippy, but always wears come-fuck-me boots, even in jeans. Even in heels, she just barely reaches my chest. Yeah, she’s cute. Adorable.

For a normal appointment, she’s pretty vocal, too, mouthing off to my co-workers, giving as good as she gets. But tonight, & maybe because Manny & I were the only two left in the salon, she was more…subdued. I assumed it was a late hour for her, too, or maybe she was grumpy that she didn’t get in earlier. I was tired, so I couldn’t really reach for any of my normally flippant, caustic chatter, either.

“So, your parents, with the last name ‘Hands’, really fucking named you ‘Clammy’?” Her voice was cloaked in good humour, & she grinned, lightly mocking me. (Believe me, from Isadora, this was getting off light!)

“Who…who told you that?”


“Yeah,” I yawned, trying to lift my left hand with hair still gripped in it enough to cover it, “but I go by ‘CL’ now. Real fucking funny, my parents.”

She giggled, then snorted a bit. Manny scoffed behind me. I looked up at the sound, annoyed. Hadn’t he just finished sweeping back there? The colour bar was still a fucking pigsty bowls, brushes, & tubes lying about everywhere. He might be new, but I know he knew he needed to deal with that.

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